Twitter reacts to orchestrated condolence meeting between Khashoggi’s son and Saudi royals.

Twitter reacted harshly to a painstakingly choreographed public moment that was meant to contain the fallout from Jamal Khashoggi’s death by of all things staging a meeting between Mr Khashoggi’s son and Khashoggi’s suspected killers.

And much to the puzzlement of the Saudi royal court, Mr Khashoggis gruesome death refuses to budge from the headlines and is creating a substantially bigger stink than Mr Khashoggi’s killers had anticipated. Meantime, the intrigue surrounding the Saudi’s death carries on unabated, with some believing that Khashoggi's remains may have been disposed of inside the consul’s residence not far from the consulate in which the journalist was ambushed and killed without preamble.

And if the sanctioning of Khashoggi’s death was a calculated miscalculation on the part of the Saudi crown prince, Saudi Arabia’s handling of that death has been neither clever nor ingenious. Since he was first reported missing, Saudi officialdom has stumbled from one implausible explanation to the next even while hoping that public interest in Khashoggi's disappearance would soon wane.

But as long as Mr Khashoggi's whereabouts remain the subject of speculation, it seems unwholesome not to mention tone-deaf for the Saudi crown prince to be angling for a preemptive photo op featuring a handshake with Jamal Khashoggi's children.

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