Regarding the Central Park Five, America’s douchebag-in-chief stands by his douchebaggery.

Yusef Salaam, Raymond Santana, and Korey Wise, three of the five men known as the Central Park Five who were falsely accused of raping a jogger and later exonerated by DNA evidence that identified the real rapist.

Anyone who's watched more than one American crime drama knows that dubious methods including threats of physical violence, can and have been used by law enforcement to coerce confessions out of persons who were accused of serious crimes only for such suspects to be later absolved of all guilt following sufficient forensic investigation.

In 1989, the horrific rape of a Central Park jogger who was brutalized and left for dead in a park ravine, nearly occasioned a total miscarriage of justice when five teenagers were accused of the rape, only for the real rapist to confess in 2002 and for DNA evidence to confirm that Matias Reyes, a serial violent offender who'd slipped through the fingers of the law many times both as a juvenile and as an adult, was undoubtedly the culprit who was guilty of this heinous crime and not the Central Park Five.

Suffice to say that Donald Trump being seized of a holy zeal upon hearing word of this sensational crime, took out full page newspaper advertisements effectively calling for the re-imposition of the death penalty in New York State, and in so doing Mr Trump essentially placed a bounty on the heads of the young men who had thus been falsely accused of a crime they would later be comprehensively absolved of.

And yet despite his public participation in the excoriation and near lynching of innocent teenagers, Mr Trump, who's a bit of a serial sexual offender himself if his accusers have got anything to say about it, was recently visibly irritated by a reporter who had the temerity to bring up Donald's pharisaical role in the persecution of the Central Park Five. No doubt Mr Trump is loath for his racist credentials to come to the fore especially with a looming election soon to be upon him.

Needless to say, that as far as the victimization of the Central Park Five, Donald Trump continues to stand by his duplicity and diabolism to this day, insisting that he took his cues in the matter from disobliging law enforcement officials such as Linda Fairstein who was the top sexual crimes prosecutor when the five teenagers were charged with a crime that they had not committed.

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